He cleverly got rid of his marker and shot at the ground

Banik Ostrava Monday 19.00 minute by minute x video reports, "it was the third match in a short time. I was afraid if we do not run out of power. but I was surprised the quality of our game, "praised the Liberec coach Jaroslav Šilhavý. We watched the match in minute on Slovácku scored the first goal midfielder Pavelka after half an hour.

Over the next half hour after a series of mistakes in defense he scored Rabušic, which gave sixth goal in the fourth game. It is paradoxical that in the previous fifteen duels are hit even once. "We lost to a team that was a class better.

He had speed, great ball work. The transition phase Liberec was luxurious. We'd have to play well over a hundred percent of our potential, we can score points," said home coach Svatopluk Habanec. Right from the first minutes Liberec confirmed the role of favorite. His opponent played an emphasis on personal duels and technical maturity. While squinting coach after only four minutes had to resort to a substitution for an injured midfielder Sackeye replaced Delarge.

For a lot of pressure, but Slovan shooting opportunities nevytěžil, its territorial superiority is reflected only in the number of corner kicks. Slovacko tried to transition into counterattacks mainly kicking the ball on the lanky thatch, which is trying to head distribute teammates. This tactic but concentrated on defense and the enemy did not pay Liberec goalkeeper Blacksmith long in heavy rain only mokl and not interfere in the game. Game preponderance of the guests expressed succeeded to score in the 32nd minute when he got the ball from Delargy to Pavelka.