I'm not a hockey player I am, I could stand it

How do you decide the situation between Horvath and Juhar? Match Plzen vs Slavia in video coverage, the goal Damages" We just missed the goal. I can not criticize the players, they would not fight. On the field the maximum allowed, but were unable to push through a very well-organized defense of Slavia. I must congratulate rivals as the tactically played a very good match, "said Pilsen coach Pavel Vrba.

The key moment of the match was shoving half the pitch in the 19th minute. Visiting midfielder fouled Juhar Ďuriš and after the whistle into his chest thrust Pilsen Horvath. Slavista reciprocated slap, after which the home captain fell to the ground. Look at the situation of Video and reactions of players and coaches, read here. the referee Kocourek situation resolved with a red card for Juhar. By the end of the game had more than seventy minutes, Pilsen was a long game against a weakened opponent. "In my short career I have experienced difficult match. Early exclude completely disrupted our tactics. Fortunately, it was but by the time we scored a goal.

Plzen will then create a lot of pressure, but I believe that today is the day when he does not give a goal, even if we played two days ago, "said Slavia Petrouš at that time led 1: 0 after a goal Damages. He scored in the 15th minute after he finished hilarious counterattack. Midfielder Zmrhal stab at mid-pitch ball Darida and pass just a shame that pláchl two mA preventing players from the penalty area boundary is beautifully scored exactly the goalpost.

After excluding Juhar already Slavia actually just defended. the rest of the match is played mostly on her half. the match we watched every minute Plzen his opponent pushed a deal could have a moment before half-time. Slavia gets turned the corner, but Prochazka returned the ball into the penalty area. There, close up shot Ďuriš, but the goalkeeper Čontofalský great hit. Seats up crushing pressure continued in the second half. nothing, however, did not lead header and Ďuriš Bakos and was not successful Walk around the corner.