Liberec in recent weeks playroom and the profit overshadows

Plzen and Sparta. His victory in the 27th round of the Moravian Slovakia was the seventh in a row, but after a botched autumn's probably best to just be enough for third place. This fight for the title, which seemed to be almost resolved, may become entangled.

But it depends on whether it takes a dim Sparta on Sunday night beat Mlada Boleslav. Victory over the rival with whom fell in the week in the domestic cup, it would be closer to two points. He can, however, Sparta? Pilsen's match could not do, not because of the crushing pressure was not able to score. "We flew it around the sticks, I was convinced that get a goal. Even if we played two days ago," he said after a duel in Pilsen Slavic coach Michal Petrouš.

His team went on to lead the fifteenth minute after a beautiful individual action damages. Almost half the field was carried out between players, he withstood rigorous Čišovského slip and fired from 18 meters below the bar. Slavia soon collided indiscipline Juhar that during the scuffle with Horvath retaliated and although the home captain crash přifilmoval was Slavicist excluded. Plzeň since the 19th minute played against a weakened opponent, but it did not help her to the goal.

"It's a loss that hurts us, but we still have cards in their hands. After the defeat Slavia Although it will be difficult but we have the strength for us to cope with the remaining matches," said Pilsen coach Pavel Vrba. It Liberec shouted goal easy to put three Slovacko and remained third. Olomouc and won, the joy experienced after six matches. To win over Pribram brought her new coach Martin Kotůlek, former assistant who replaced Roman Pivarník. Pribram after a long time hesitated at home and complicate a rescue. More and more it sinks Hradec, who succumbed on Friday to pitch past the Czech Budejovice.